Fayendra Philosophy


Quality and excellence form the basis of Fayendra’s culture. Its corporate philosophy reflects this commitment within the working environment, with the aim of achieving the customer's full satisfaction.

Fayendra creations are appreciated by customers worldwide for their bold, sophisticated and unmistakable style, in which meticulous attention to quality and innovative design combine to create a timeless elegance.

Excellence for Fayendra means the perfect balance between the highest quality products and impeccable service worldwide.
Fayendra has its own philosophy which based on the product is from the factory to the consumer.
Fayendra owns several Factories thereby we shorten the distances and the profits that go to the wholesalers and that to reach all segments of society without any exception. Aiming to reach the Hearts of our precious customers, we highly care to open our Branches in the most famous shopping centers, in the world of beauty and fashion.



Abraj Al-Bait makkah1.jpg

Abraj Al-Bait-Shopping Center


Ground Floor 

Tel: 012 5719795


makkah mall.jpg

Makkah Mall

Tel: 0125240145

Abraj Al-Bait makkah2.jpg

Abraj Al-Bait-Shopping Center


First Floor

Tel: 012 5719798

juri mall taif.jpg

TAIF - Jouri Mall