In a world of beauty and glamor, a harmonious line fulfilled by a sensuous form has brought to life by the silver that revealed the essential spirit of the stupendous jewelry House in the Arab world, FAYENDRA. Treasuring the elegance and quality of its artisanship, FAYENDRA beholds exquisite materials shaping the most mystical metal for Women and Men.


Excellent products

Our creations is appreciated by customers worldwide for their bold, sophisticated and unmistakable style, in which meticulous attention to quality and innovative design combine to create a timeless elegance.

Excellent for FAYENDRA means the perfect balance between the highest quality products and impeccable service worldwide.  


Quality and excellence forms the basis of FAYENDRA’s culture.

The aim of achieving customer’s full satisfaction has proven by achieving a continuous

and prominent growth in sales throughout the years.

FAYENDRA uses the highest quality materials and offer full range of branded stationary to present our products to our customers in a royal sensation.

We use invoice envelopes, gift cards, gift-wrapping papers, gift silver polished wrapping ribbons, and such.

FAYENDRA presents its products in the best quality leather and wooden boxes

with luxurious, distinctive, and an elite look. 



Since its establishment 100 years ago throughout the Fayed’s family lineage, the deceased Hussein Fayed portrayed the Lady as a symbol of fitness, beauty and elegance as it constructed the way to the foundations of FAYENDRA, a house that has turned into an inimitable signature in the universe of luxury and fashion.

He had an agency for Marine Navigation as they worked in importing some antiques and candlesticks.

Therefore, Sir Orabi Fayed established their first shop in 1935 in Fosh St. Beirut, Solidere Beirut Downtown.

Material  and  techniques

FAYENDRA is the only brand that uses special technique to treat the silver in order to avoid color rusting.

Moreover, FAYENDRA uses precious and semi-precious stones in its silver jewelry, unlike other brands that uses poly or crystal.

All of our products has been made by using the highest quality fancy material along with hot silver stamped logo.



Every FAYENDRA product - whether it be a piece of jewelry, a watch, a fragrance or an accessory - has been stringently checked to ensure that it upholds the FAYENDRA tradition of craftsmanship and is perfectly faithful to the sensitivity and intentions of its creator.

FAYENDRA jewelry always begins with a watercolor or gouache. Then the artisans draw upon all their manual skills and experience to create jewelry with soft and rounded lines, the embodiment of perfection.

From the very first sketch, the concept is carefully constructed with the selection of colors that best suits, enunciating its brilliance, to ensure its wearability within consistency of FAYENDRA’s tradition and style.


FAYENDRA is the only brand providing 5 micro Gold plating thickness with 5 years warranty for the plating, unlike most brands that provide 0.25 micro plating thickness.


Founder and chairman

Our company’s founder and chairman, Mr. Abdullah Fayed has embraced the brand with magnificent ideas and provided the brand a new horizon of the brand’s structure renewal within the gulf region.

Our said founder aims to globalize the brand’s name across the gulf region and globally.

Our founder visions greater plans and goals for the future of FAYENDRA.


FAYENDRA’s activity throughout social media has been remarkable.

Achieving over 150000 followers between Facebook and Instagram is a proven

accomplishment on behalf of our customers' satisfaction and their profound appreciation to the brand.

Our aim is to create a closer connection within our customers by achieving an extraordinary growth on our social media accounts.

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