Product Care

Silver is one of the most precious metals, and since its nature is sensitive and affected by passing days and time, it is affected by oxidation factors, climatic factors and misuse, so preventive measures must be taken to preserve them, and Fayendra offers you some advice to deal with it, and we are not responsible for any damage that occurs due to misuse and violating the following care instructions : 

•  Keep your silver pieces in their original Fayendra boxes or in the jewelry box and avoid combining them with other metals to avoid being affected by the color of gold or the accessory or by the friction between stone and metal.


•  Keep each piece within a velvet bag or nylon bag with a lock, especially in marine areas, to avoid peeling the rhodium layer and keep it from moisture and oxidation. You can order the bag from our stores.

•  Avoid keeping jewelry in the bathroom or kitchen.

• Avoid applying cream or spraying perfumes directly on the area on which you want to wear the piece, but rather spray the perfume or apply on the cream a while before wearing the piece.

•  Avoid contacting the pieces with cleaning agents or chemicals such as (hair dyes - chlorine solution - other cleaning solutions).

  Avoid wearing bracelets and bangles when sleeping, while exercising, or doing some housework .

•  Avoid pressing on the bracelets or rings to reduce them, which may lead to falling and breaking the stones, rather you can visit one of our exhibitions and ask to reduce them in a professional manner as possible.

•  Try to wipe the pieces after each use with a soft cloth to keep its luster as long as possible.

•  Avoid the use of liquid and silver polishing materials found in the market because it affects the shine of stones and lobes. You can use a special piece of silver polishing to keep the pieces of silver sparkling and shiny with care that the cleaning should be in an up and down way and avoid the circular movement to avoid scratching silver.

•  Avoid exposing the pieces to hot water, a blow dryer or steam, as well as preferring to take them off when eating in the traditional way by hand, because this may lead to stones falling, vanishing stones luster and reducing coating life.

•  It is preferable to avoid wearing any silver jewelry when swimming or bathing; This is because exposure to moisture and chlorine will accelerate corrosion in the rhodium coating and silver oxidation.

•  Avoid falling or rubbing pieces on hard ground, this may cause stones to fall, as well as watches which may cause machine malfunction.

•  As for the prayer beads, we inform you that some stones are of high hardness, so please avoid wrapping the rosary quickly to avoid cutting the string or friction between the stones. In case that the prayer beads are interrupted, you must collect the complete beads so that we can join the beads again due to the lack of some types and sizes of stones in maintenance.

•  Keep the amber pieces safe from falling, as its fall may lead to a fracture due to the adhesion of the resin.

•  For sticks, please be careful when using them and not use them except for the intended purpose to avoid breaking them.

•    Keep the watches live longer by turning off the 
 watch when storing it.

 In case of damage to one of your possessions from Fayendra or the need to polish it, do not hesitate to visit our stores and do the appropriate maintenance

for a symbolic price.