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Fayendra watches occupy the forefront in the world of high-end and innovative Swiss watches, which have proven through their bold designs that are inherent and firm in the jewelry industry, a great experience that is expressed through the finest watches for women in the Arab world. Fayendra paid attention with the most accurate details of the watch i.e the glass used is from natural scratch resistant  sapphire and  highly pure natural zircon stones   where each stone is attached with four small and precise clamps. Also Fayendra  paid attention to the body of the watch which is manufactured from the finest  types of steel in the world.

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Fayendra  didn’t  forget  the lovers of charming classicism,  so  it  created  for them  a wide  spectrum  of luxury  represented  by its unique  collection of classic watches,  which is considered a master piece  of sculptural craftsmanship executed in a  smooth embodiment   of  the unique coexistence of  the  past  and  the  present .

Fayendra  jewelers' creativity  appears  starting  from the unique design through to the use of pure 925 silver  embedded  with marcasite stones and the glass from  the natural scratch-resistant  sapphire.


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In a world  full of contradictions, Fayendra has  put  the man under its  microscope and  thought  about  all  his needs  and  took  care of his elegance, and Fayendra's watches  were  the  most  important  reason  for  the elegance of  their  customers  and users  in  the  Gulf countries  and  the Middle  East, where every minute detail  was  studied  to  suit  the  personality  of  the  man who cares about his appearance and essence, and as Fayendra  cared  for  the  appearance of  the watch it didn’t forget  its  essence and  used  the glass from  the natural scratch-resistant  sapphire  and  the  frame and watch body from  the 316L  steel.

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Because you are the inspiration for Fayendra, Fayendra   has designed   modern   rings   that   dazzle   your   senses with their luster and beauty and give   you a breathtaking look that   captivates   minds.   Fayendra has sparkled a collection of ultra-fine 925 silver rings plated with rhodium, yellow gold, and rose gold, embedded with zircon and the purest gemstones.

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Fayendra continues to draw the features and identity of its brand to create for us the most beautiful love poems jeweled and dazzles lovers of charming luxury with a distinct  group of elegant  classic  rings made  from  pure silver  925  embedded  with marcasite  stones mediated by a group of wonderful precious stones in unique incomparable designs 

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Man always aims to choose everything attractive and distinctive and he will not find any better than Fayendra to help him demonstrate the elegance of his essence and his look through Fayendra collection of  men's  rings. Fayendra has successfully developed a distinctive style of exceptional collection of rings  made  from  pure silver 925 plated with rhodium , embedded with zircon, and a charming  blue  sapphire  in unprecedented creativity.


Discover our new collection of PENDANTS .

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Innovations in passion colors ..... This is what distinguishes Fayendra  in her design of stylish modern bracelets to play for you a  symphony of sparkling and shining  on your wrist. And as  usual, Fayendra shines with creating   stunning bracelets of 925 pure   silver, plated with rhodium, yellow gold, and rose gold, embedded with zircon and the purest gemstones.

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Check out our NEW collection of GIFTS 
Fayendra highly values you and your health so we will deliver your silver jewelry to your doorstep for free with complimentary luxury packaging and a 30% discount.  


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Fayendra is still proving day after day that it is a pioneer in framing matchless  less analogous silver jewelry, and weaving a work of art  that captivates minds by its magnificence and the simplicity of its design. It also confirms its adherence to the approach of creativity through this collection of 925 pure silver  plated with rhodium, yellow gold, rose gold embedded  with zircon and the purest gemstones.


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Fayendra watches, moreover, combine the elegance of design with sophisticated mechanisms. They are carefully constructed and tested according to the most rigorous standards, which guarantees a finished product of the highest quality.


In a world of beauty and glamour, a harmonious line fulfilled by a sensuous form was brought to life in Silver, one of the most majestic of metals…the creation of a love story that revealed the essential spirit of the most fabulous jewelry House in the Arab world, FAYENDRA.


Treasuring the elegance and quality of its jewelry, FAYENDRA beheld a unique knowledge and talent shaping the most mystical metal for The Woman and men as well.


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Fayendra Philosophy


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